Driven to create a unique collection of resort wear dresses and cover-ups for the fashion conscious, combining aspirational elements from years of destination travel around the world and creative flair from her own eclectic wardrobe, Monorails & Satellites was founded in 2015 by Elizabeth Leath.

Monorails & Satellites heralds a new type of beachwear brand, combining the functionality of a day-to-day wardrobe, with the aesthetics of designer favourites. Monorails & Satellites is defined by its mix of luxury designer fabrics, beautiful prints and colour palettes, sourced from Italy and its relaxed wearability to reflect modern design, in gorgeous resort wear.

Our desire at Monorails & Satellites is to create holiday staples that transcend the seasons and evoke the wonder that warmer climes and travel bring, each piece truly flattering the female form. We are the women we are designing for, women who want their holiday wardrobe to reflect their daily fashion choices, stylish, relaxed and beautiful.

Monorails & Satellites is all about the global woman but we are firmly planted in England, every piece is designed and made with love, in London, where the team lives and work.