Summer holiday packing...

Posted on August 27 2016

This has always one our biggest dilemmas and as we have written in the past, one of the reasons we decided to start Monorails & Satellites because we once arrived in one of the most beautiful locations in the world (the Saint Geran in Mauritius), having packed for the rest of the family and pretty much taken nothing (appropriate ) for ourselves…. (thankfully we were rescued on that occasion the gorgeous resort boutique!).  


However, finding a boutique to make emergency beachwear purchases at wasn't going to be an option for the first part of this holiday, as we were heading to house in the middle of the countryside in Languedoc, south of france.


So getting the essentials was pretty important on this occasion…so into the bags went Current Elliott denim shorts, K Jacques sandals, Celine handbag and sunglasses, Prism bikini bottoms and Zimmerman bikini tops (we like a bit of mismatching swimwear) and of course plenty of our coverups and dresses.


The right holiday wardrobe, definitely makes the relaxation easier…


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