Marrakech calling…holiday favourites 3

Posted on November 27 2016

We thought it was time to comeback to our holiday favourites - as in destinations - and weirdly its a place that begins with another M - Marrakech.  Our first holiday favourite was Mauritius, the second Miami - clearly we have a thing about places that start with M...


We have been to this beautiful city on a number of occasions, nestled beneath the Atlas mountains in the North African country of Morocco. Travelling from the UK, its quite honestly one of the best destinations, only 4 hours from London, on the same time line and with a temperate climate all year round, it has never failed to deliver a wonderful time.


We have found favourite hotels and riads, that we return to each time and it was Marrakech that we choose, as our first shoot location for Monorails & Satellites.


If you want to be in the Medina, we particularly like Riad Tizwa, its beautiful and low key, with yummy meals, we have often spent a few days there and then headed to hotel Caravanserai about 20 minutes outside of the city.  Here you can escape the hustle and bustle, relaxing by the pool. It really is an incredible oasis, as are many of the hotels in the Palmerie, another favourite being Villa Vanille with its gorgeous gardens and not 1 but swimming pools.


There are too many lovely restaurants to mention and each time we visit we find a new one but if you are after a bit of culture a trip to Jardin Majorelle, the beautiful house and gardens Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge bought in the 1980's is a must, otherwise a Haman in the Medina. We have enjoyed the one at Les Jardins de la Medina, after a busy day of haggling in the market, where there are so many beautiful objects to bring home you need to take an empty suitcase..


For those who have never travelled as far as India and Thailand, you can get a sense of those countries much closer to home in this wonderful North African city and we would highly recommend a visit... 

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