Posted on April 17 2016

As you may have gathered, if you have seen our recent Instagram feed, we’ve just been fortunate enough to spend a couple of weeks in the gorgeously colourful, vibrant and welcoming Yucatan peninsular of Mexico.


It seems particularly exciting to go away at this time of year, when we’ve spent most of the last six months getting up and coming home in the dark, chilly, short days of the English winter.  Weirdly we find packing more enjoyable too - sitting in our (probably black) chunky jumpers and jeans, it’s fun selecting which bikinis and beach dresses we’re going to take away with us...


Of course, there’s one thing we have a particularly good selection to choose from and it’s beach cover-ups (actually the difficulty was deciding which we had to leave behind!).  Flying into Cancun is great because you can clearly see the blue caribbean sea and the lovely long white beaches, all shimmering under a cloudless azure sky - so exciting.  


One of our favourite parts of flying is when you land and the plane doors open and you immediately feel the heat and Cancun definitely delivered that!  Shrugging off our plane tiredness, we took a taxi down to the port and a boat over to our first destination - Isla Mujures and the Hotel Secreto.  Arriving before midday meant our room wasn’t ready so we dug out our summer togs (our Nora Nemo dress was just what we needed) and headed to the beach.


What a beach! The sand is incredible - not only is it a lovely pale cream colour, soft and clean but as it’s powdered coral it doesn’t stick all over you as soon as you approach it. And the sea. The blue really does take your breath away. Dotted with sun loungers, near to a super cool swing bar stocked with ice cold sol - yep, we definitely felt as though we’d arrived in paradise...

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