Waiting for the sun..

Posted on April 07 2016

We have to confess that when it gets to March all we are thinking about is the summer, warm weather, sunshine, beaches, palm trees (you know we love them) and being poolside...  


Perhaps this is why we have been a little slack over the last month posting our blogs on time….when we started it was every week, to 10 days but we haven't posted for 3 weeks and that's not good! However, if you follow us on Instagram you will have noticed that we are currently relaxing (in our beachwear!) in Mexico - a much needed holiday, which we are sure will help us revitalise.


Prior to We have been super busy...for starters, as we have previously said we have jobs beyond running Monorails & Satellites, so although they might not do full-time 'other' jobs they take up more than half our time and like most businesses (including Monorails & Satellites) there are peaks and troughs - sadly the 'peaks' in both our lives recently hit at the same time.

At Monorails, there have been several magazine features - including Stella Magazine, that have created a wave activity...all good we might add.  On top of that we have been prepping for our SS16 photoshoot, yes its a bit later than it should be but as a British brand we wanted to stay closer to home this year and shoot here - so we have waited for the weather to turn - so watch this space. And then we have been busy with new designs for SS17 as well as fabric research.
So 'stuff' has kept us from typing our regular notes but we are back and looking forward to sharing our trip details with you in the next couple of blog posts...now back to the hammock! 

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