Holiday Favourites...part 2. Miami

Posted on January 19 2016

As its been so cold in London over the last week, we have again been dreaming about favourite destinations and this time its Miami and specifically South Beach.  


Of course, if you read one of our first blog posts, where we talked about our journey so far, you will know that we rather love Miami and that it was whilst relaxing by the pool at The Raleigh Hotel, we decided that designer fashion and beachwear could and should meet.


Probably one of the reasons we love South Beach, is that it's just a really easy place to have a holiday. The weather is generally good (and if not there is plenty to do - even with kids - we have done it!); there are plenty of direct flights from London; food is fresh, good and varied; and there are lots of lovely hotels to stay in.  Yes you can get all of that in exotic countries too but for some reason, with the shortish flight and no language changes, or inoculations to deal with, plus the laid-back vibe, it just feels like a really effortless holiday destination. One you could book today and be there tomorrow without really having to prepare, which, when we all have busy lives comes is a welcome break!  


We have stayed at The Delano, The Raleigh, The National and The Tides (hmm just noticing the 'The…’ trend there)  However, there are plenty of other hotels to choose from including the W Hotel, Soho Beach House, The Standard (no kids allowed) and the new(ish) Edition.

Beyond the beautiful white beaches, for those of us who like to combine a bit of holidaying with a bit of shopping (all part of relaxation we say), there is the gorgeous The Webster, once a hotel now a retail mecca (we would love to be sold there!)...


And after the beach and the retail therapy?  Well we could probably fill about 20 blogs with all the restaurants on South Beach that we could recommend but our favourite has to be a restaurant that we feel completes the South Beach vibe.  For 20 years Spiga, a fab little Italian restaurant has been serving up on Collins Avenue (these days handily close to The Webster!).  It satisfies the kind of tastes that you only find in Italian American's littered over the USA.  


The meals are served with genuine charm, the dining room feels intimate and relaxed but still elegant, nice tunes and white tablecloths define the mood, the food is delicious and so are the wines.  A great place to end a hard day on the beach…

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