Christmas balmy London

Posted on December 20 2015

So this has been the week, where on the back of our last blog post about winter sun, we have experienced unseasonably warm weather here in London - today its 17 degrees - that's balmy for the UK (in the summer!) and we are not kidding.  We don't know whether we are coming or going on the temperature front and certainly the British fauna doesn't...but also coat and knitwear sales are down (not good as we love a jumper!).  


Still, we are a beachwear brand and so are loving the warm weather and indeed in a week, where we collected all but a few of our SS16 samples and had lots of positive conversations with retailers and the media, we are feeling pretty excited about what 2016 will bring to our brand (we are off again dreaming about cocktails on the beach!)...


And on top of this we had our Christmas party which is never a bad thing, especially when it includes dinner here, followed by drinks at some of our favourite London hotel bars including Browns Hotel, The Beaumont and the gorgeous London Edition.  Totally inspirational were the various christmas decorations and trees...


The gorgeous decorations at Browns really stood out for us and we're wondering if we can recreate at home next year...but for this year, we want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, wherever you might be celebrating it and a happy and healthy 2016. X

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