Winter Sun or Christmas in London?...

Posted on December 13 2015

With the end of school in sight, we’ve been saying happy holidays to friends, as they jet off to soak up some winter sun, whilst trying to contain our inner green eyed monsters.  So we've been trying to work out when is the absolute best time to grab some winter sunshine.  Do you go over Christmas - when those with kids could go for 2 or 3 weeks (ours finished school yesterday - argh!) or do you wait until the cold winter days are really beginning to wear thin and you need a boost of warmth?


Lets face it, Christmas here in the UK is magical, with mulled wine, roaring fires, twinkling fairy lights, the joys of Christmas shopping (err need to comeback to that statement!), yummy food and way too much chocolate.  Plus, we love dressing up for parties in sparkly clothes, (we’re thinking about wearing one of our dresses tonight with jeans and heels) and it’s a LOT easier for Santa to call when you’re enjoying Christmas at home.


However, we have spent some lovely Christmases abroad and really enjoyed the experience of doing things differently, with curry’s or noodles for christmas dinner and a lovely warm swim to work off all that excess.  For us, our best Christmas’s abroad have been spent with great friends who are lucky enough to live in Phuket in Thailand (we know...right!?) We really found that to be the best of all worlds. They know all the insider details of where Mr Claus can pick up some stocking fillers, the best places for some no hassle, no washing up, treat yourself brunches, lunches, cocktails and dinners but they also value some of our well loved traditions - so veggie roast and mince pies made an appearance in amongst the pad thai’s!


It really is fun to mix things up a bit and hit the beach instead of the pub on Christmas Eve and partying the night away under the stars on New Year's Eve has to be the best way to welcome the incoming year… Indeed, it’s not just us who thinks that, so does queen of cool Kate Moss who’s often spotted - although sadly not by us - at the Amanpuri in Phuket. Hmm we’re imaging that gorgeous Thai sunshine right now..


But this year we’re sticking to tradition and enjoying Christmas at home here in London and we’re getting really excited about it. The logs are bought, the brandy butter is on order, our Christmas viewing circled in the TV Times and presents are slowly appearing under the tree.  Just need someone to pass us a glass of something festive now...

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