Monorails & Satellites...we or I?

Posted on November 29 2015

This week has really flown by and so I can't believe I am sitting here writing another blog post - it might be down to the excitement we felt when we saw the lovely Anneli Bush wearing one of our dresses in Tulum - where she looked absolutely gorgeous.  

Then on Thursday I spent the afternoon with a good friend of mine Bridget, who runs Ayo Banton Digital, where we were discussing social media. So by that I mean Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and this blog...

If you have read any of the previous posts, or are following us on any of the above social platforms you will know that we are new to this. That's running a fashion label - not running a business - I have done that in a previous life and have always loved fashion (my shoe collection is testament to that). You might also have noticed the mix of we and I - that's because there really are 2 of us, me (Elizabeth) and my sister (Jacqueline). I tend to write these posts (although she would probably be better) and then Jaxs edits them.  So its a team effort and that's not just the blog. 


Yes, it was me that had the initial idea for the brand (although my husband came up with the name - will explain that in a future post) and I quit the high level stressful job and spent time doing a pattern cutting course at Central St Martins, before designing the first collection. And yes, I do the day to day stuff - trips to our manufacturers, liaising with the web guys but on the communication side (the all important bit) its a team effort. That includes sitting through SEO and marketing meetings together, discussing styles of the dresses, (including some funny conversations about flashing your pants) and batting copy about the dresses (for the website) backwards and forwards to each other and writing press releases (well actually that’s ALL Jaxs!).


So the dilemma this week is not around the colours and prints that we use in our next collection (we have shared some images in earlier posts and there are more on this page). Hopefully, you see that we are about beautiful fabric and flattering cuts for all women but also strong colours and prints. The dilemma is about the language of the blog and other social media platforms. Is it I or we…

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