Favourite destinations...part 1. Mauritius

Posted on November 20 2015

You might have guessed, seeing as we are a beachwear brand, that we like our holidays - in fact it goes a bit beyond like - we LOVE them!  Living and working in London is amazing but we’d be lying if we said we wouldn’t be happy spending a little more time, than we currently do, modelling our own dresses and cover-ups on some far-flung beach!


We’ve already mentioned that the idea for the brand was established in Miami, whilst staying at the Raleigh Hotel but it was long before that, whilst staying at Le Saint Geran Mauritius that the idea was conceived. Whilst unpacking the families bags, having just arrived for what was planned to be a fabulous holiday - came the sinking realisation that somehow only clothes for the rest of my family (husband and children) had made it into the bags (I am going to blame this oversight on my high level high stress job at that time!).  Luckily, the gorgeous boutique at the hotel saved the day and I managed to buy a few really versatile, lovely items that worked for me both day and night. It took several years for the idea of the brand to be formulated but the memory of that shopping experience was a big factor….


The amazing holiday we had that year in Mauritius was definitely another factor. Golden white sands stretched out in front of our villa under swaying palms trees, while at night clear sunsets revealed amazing night skies. There is nothing quite like the luxury of spending the day lying on sun beds, watching the waves lapping onto the shore...and at night enjoying the delicacies of Mauritian curries (mmm - stomach rumbling right now!).


But Mauritius offers so much more - beautiful natural and man-made attractions, the temples always an amazing place to understand another culture, tropical fauna and flora, which is complemented by a multi-ethnic and cultural population who are friendly and welcoming. So we are sitting here right now thinking - why haven't we been back...


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