Made in London...

Posted on November 08 2015

We said last week we could do with more hours in the day and this week we felt that even more.  As there are just two of us at Monorails & Satellites, we pretty much get our hands dirty with everything - so this week we have had some IT training (which by the way we were very surprised that we loved!), drawn and cut some new patterns and made a tulle (a mock-up of a new dress for our next collection), spoken to press and made some new blogging friends, as well as updating the website (with what we had learnt!).


And then this afternoon it was a trip to our manufacturers where they spend time with us, talking about fabrics, new designs and ideas, and of course being a British manufacturer - drinking cups of tea! We love visiting their London premises and it’s exciting to get a sneaky peek at what other brands are making. Most are a lot bigger (and more famous!) than ours and they are all very different but it definitely helps us feel inspired...


When we came up with the idea for our brand, getting a UK based manufacturer was one of the really important things to us - and so being lucky enough to find one that was in London (as that's where we live) was amazing. Ok, so we love hopping on and off planes and in our previous lives we travelled extensively for work.  Its how we fell in LOVE with the Virgin Atlantic clubhouses, (esp. the kiddies!) and the infamous left turn on the plane...but in a time when lots of manufacturing has moved abroad we wanted to keep our manufacturing in the UK, where we could keep a constant eye on quality and really be involved in the process.

We are SO happy that we found our lovely factory in the east end of London - they take care of us and the dresses and cover-ups are beautifully made and if ever there is a problem, or we need some advice, we can just pop over and see them. 

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