Posted on May 02 2016

As you know we love the beach and we needed those first few super relaxing days in Isla Mujeres to unwind from life (generally hectic) and enjoy the feel of sun on our backs but we had also decided we needed to be a little bit adventurous (as much as you can be with kids!) so we hopped back over to the mainland and picked up a hire car.  Of course...we got talked into going for the jeep - just felt more fitting somehow!


So off we headed to do the ‘cultural’ bit of our trip, see some Mayan ruins and hang out in the provincial capital of Merida for a few days. First we drove around Cancun and the airport and back round Cancun (again...for quite a long time), trying and failing to find the road out.  Eventually it happened and off we set, on a long, very straight, very deserted road heading towards Chichen Itza.  Lunch (yep, guacamole - Mexico really is an avocado lovers best destination) was in Valladolid - a really lovely town with brightly coloured houses leading out from the central square, then onto our next gorgeous hotel, the Hacienda Chichen, from where we visited the stunning ruins and scope some possible future shoot locations (the answer being a resounding yes - we think it would be perfect!).  Luckily for us the hotel grounds got us a sneaky us only entrance into the ruins, which meant we could get in early and away from the crowds, which was particularly good as the temperature by 9am was nudging 40 degrees!



The ruins are stunning, we particularly liked the stadium which has amazing acoustics that enable you to hear someone talking quietly down the other end - not so good for those who like a gossip!! Next up on our little road trip was Merida - such a beautiful town, really lively and vibrant and cool and absolutely boiling hot!!!



Hammock shopping is the main tourist activity here and yes, we did succumb - wonder how many times we’ll lie in our hammock now we’re back here in London?  The last couple of days we have got out in it but then it also snowed twice this last week...so we’re thinking probably not so much!! xx


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